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Lacrosse, Girls and Boys-  

SMC Lacrosse Camps and Clinics are dedicated to all aspects of the game including skill development, game strategy, competition and mechanics. Each athlete will have the opportunity to develop their skills through individual instruction, group instruction and game experience.

Saint Mary's College is very fortunate to have some of the finest collegiate coaches in Northern California. Each head coach selects and trains his/her own staff of top-level coaches and collegiate players. All instructors have been chosen for their extensive knowledge of the game of lacrosse and their enthusiasm to work with children and young athletes.

SMC Turf Field

 Saint Mary’s College GIRLS Lacrosse Camps

 Residential/Day Camp, Girls

Monday - Wednesday

Resident Camper $495
(Resident Campers must be in High School grades 9-12. NO EXCEPTIONS! Proof of high school enrollment may be required)

 Day Camper $398

 Ages 8-18

During Camp, girls ages 8-18 can expect to participate in daily competitions, skill development activities, relays and other special events. Resident campers wake up at 7:30 a.m. After a full day of skill instruction, campers will retreat to their dorms for recreation time and lights out at 10:30 p.m. Day campers begin their day at 9:00 a.m. sharp, and after a full day of skill instruction, end at 8:00 p.m.  The final day on Wednesday will end at 8p.  For a complete daily schedule, please view the parent packet. Please note the change in departure time on Thursdays. Parents are invited to attend all sessions.


Saint Mary’s College BOYS Lacrosse Camps

Boys Lacrosse Camp- Youth



Location: St. Mary’s Rec Turf Field

Ages: 8-14

Price: $160

Registration: SMC Gaels active registration system

Coach: Colin Knightly
During this half day camp players can expect to develop their stick skills and lacrosse IQ in a fun, safe and competitive environment. The schedule will include a warm up, individual and small group stick work, position specific instruction, and drills for better teamwork. Each  teamwork drill will focus on a fundamental concept of lacrosse; even and uneven situations, settled offense and defense, and transition. 1 year of lacrosse experience recommended but not necessary. Full boys lacrosse equipment required (helmet, mouth guard, shoulder pad, arm guard, glove, stick).


Boys Lacrosse Camp - High School


Time: 6-9pm

Location St Mary’s Rec Turf Field



Coach: Colin Knightly

This mini-camp is for the 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 graduating classes. The unique start time (a night camp) is to meet the demands of today’s student athlete at a cooler temperature. Players can expect a fast paced practice plan that will develop stick skills, lacrosse IQ, and end in competitive play. No chasing balls at this Division 1 lacrosse facility. 1 year of lacrosse experience required. Full boys lacrosse equipment required (helmet, mouth guard, shoulder pad, arm guard, glove, stick). REGISTER NOW!


Boys Lacrosse Camp- Specialty


Location: Saint Mary’s Turf Field

Ages: 14

Price: Interested MID FIELDERS please email Coach Knightly

Registration: SMC Gaels active registration system

Coach: Colin Knightly

This camp is A SPECIALTY CAMP and designed to spread your lacrosse instruction out over the summer. Several two hour sessions to keep your skills fresh for summer events, or to prepare you for High School Lacrosse.For questions contact Coach Knightly at REGISTER NOW!

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